Scientific Program



Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel Miranda Alonso, Universidad Politécnica de Valencia, “Protein binding sites as microvessels for photochemical reactions"


Prof. Dr. Adriano Defini Andricopulo, USP, “Medicinal Chemistry in structure- and ligand-based Drug Design" 


Prof. Dr. Roberto Berlinck, USP, “Diving deep into deep waters of marine natural products"


Prof. Dr. Vanderlan S. Bolzani, UNESP, “São Paulo State biodiversity, a sophisticated Lab of biologically active molecules: Structural complexity and beauty tracing new models for Medicinal Chemistry"


Prof. Dr. Fernando Cossio, Universidad del País Vasco, “Offspring catalysis: From asymmetric thermal cycloadditions to aldol reactions"


Prof. Dr. Paulo Roberto Ribeiro Costa, UFRJ, “Metal-catalyzed synthesis of coumarins, coumestans, pterocarpans and pterocarpans" 


Prof. Dr. Carmen Nájera Domingo, University os Alicante, “Asymmetric dipolar cycloadditions" 


Prof. Dr. Pierre Mothé Esteves, UFRJ, "Electrophilic Aromatic Substitutions: New mechanism paradigms and their synthetic application" 

 Prof. Dr. José Maria Lassaletta, CSIC, “On the uses of hydrazones in (asymmetric) catalysis: Ambiphilic reagents, ancillary ligands and directing groups" 

 Prof. Dr. Anita J. Marsaioli, UNICAMP, “How green can Green Chemistry be?"


Prof. Dr. Pedro Merino, University of Zaragoza, “Exploiting nitrone chemistry for the synthesis of nitrogen heterocyles"


Prof. Dr. Ronaldo A. Pilli, , UNICAMP, “Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of a focused library based on the structures of goniothalamin and piplartine."


Prof. Dr. Fernando Lopéz-Ortiz , Universidad de Almería, “Directed lithiation of phosphinamides and phosphazenes. A common approach encompassing manifold synthetic applications" 


Prof. Dr. Ricardo Riguera, University of Santiago de Compostela, “Helical polymers: Helicity, aggregation and sensor properties"


Prof. Dr. Miguel Ángel Sierra Rodriguez, Universidad Complutense de Madri, “Templates and organometallic reagents in the building of structures having unexpected properties"


Prof. Dr. Tomás Torres, Universidad Autónoma de Madri, “Phthalocyanines for molecular photovoltaics"